Can I become a volunteer firefighter?  Provided you meet a few eligibility and physical requirements, almost anyone can become a volunteer firefighter with Fairview.

Basic membership guidelines are as follows:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must be physically capable of performing standard firefighting tasks
  • Must be available to attend a minimum number of department events and emergency calls
  • New applicants need not live within our response district.  If you live near our area, but not necessarily within our district please feel free to apply.

Our Membership Checklist will give you an overview of the steps required to become a member.

Read our Company By-Laws

Get a Volunteer Application and instructions for obtaining a required criminal history and driving record at Fairview Station 1, located at 4501 Ten-Ten Road, Apex, NC 27539.

What do volunteer members do?

Volunteer members participate in all aspects of the fire department.  Fairview will provide training for all areas in which we operate.  Current volunteer members routinely perform the following activities:

  • EMT/Medical Responder
  • Apparatus Driver/Pump operator
  • Vehicle rescue
  • Firefighting
  • Fire ground operations
  • Fire Officer



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